URL Schemes & Opening Feed URLs (Mac)

Updated by George Cox

Supported URL Schemes

Downcast supports the following podcast feed URL schemes

  • itpc://
  • podcast://
  • feed://
  • downcast://

When navigating to a URL which uses any of the above URL schemes, Downcast will attempt to import a subscription to the podcast at that URL. If Downcast is closed, it will be launched by Mac OS and will then attempt to import the subscription. 

Google Chrome RSS Subscription Extension

There is a popular reader extension for Google Chrome called RSS Subscription Extension. To have this extension open Downcast:

  • Open the extension's options
  • Click Add to create an entry for Downcast
  • Enter whatever you'd like in the Description field
  • For the URL field, copy and paste this value: downcast://feed-url=%s

You should then be able to choose Downcast as your reader when subscribing to a podcast in Google Chrome.

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