Importing Podcast Subscriptions

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To import your feeds from another podcast application, you will need to export your feeds to an OPML file from that application.For example, to export podcast feeds from iTunes, navigate to the Podcasts section, then click File -> Library -> Export Playlist. Ensure the export format is set to "OPML".You will then need to make this OPML file available to your iOS device in one of three ways:

  1. Email the OPML file to yourself, making it availble to the Mail app on your iOS device
  2. Make the OPML file available to a third party application on your iOS device, such as Dropbox
  3. Place the OPML file on a publicly available web server

For options #1 and #2 above, open the OPML file from the respective application and you will be provided an option to open the OPML file in another application on your device. Downcast should be displayed in the list of applications with which you can open the file. Select Downcast from the list and the podcasts subscriptions will be automatically imported.For option #3 above, tap the "Add Podcasts" tab within Downcast. Then tap "Add Podcast Manually". You can then type in the URL to the OPML file located on a web server. Tap the "Subscribe" button and your podcast subscriptions will be imported.

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