Running in the Background (iOS)

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For iOS devices that support multitasking (iPhone 3Gs and later, iPod Touch 3rd Generation and later and all iPads), Downcast has limited support for running in the background, based on restrictions imposed by Apple on third party apps.

Audio Playback

Downcast has the ability to play audio in the background indefinitely. If audio is paused or stopped while in the background, iOS may terminate Downcast at any time based on system resources.

Scheduled Feed Refreshing

Scheduled feed refreshes will continue while Downcast is in the background as long as episode playback is in progress and for up to 3 minutes after playback ends. If Downcast is moved into the background while episode playback is not in progress, scheduled feed refreshes can continue via Background App Refresh.

Location Based Feed Refreshing

Some iOS devices support Downcast's location-based feed refreshing. When leaving or arriving at specified locations, podcast feeds can be auto-refreshed and the download queue can download episodes, even if Downcast has been in the background for over 3 minutes and even if Downcast is completely terminated. See the Automatic Feed Refreshing Help article for details.

Episode Downloads

iOS allows third party apps to perform miscellaneous background tasks for up to 3 minutes. This means that episodes can continue to download for up to 3 minutes after episode playback ends while Downcast is in the background (Downcast can continue downloading episodes as long as episode playback is in progress). Once the background time limit is reached, the download queue will be paused. Episode can also downloading during Background App Refresh.

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