Automatic Feed Refreshing (iOS)

Updated 5 years ago by George Cox


Podcast feeds can be refreshed automatically based on time intervals ("Every hour", "Every 3 hours", etc.). These scheduled refreshes can also occur while Downcast is running in the background (while episode playback is in progress, for up to 3 minutes after playback ends as well as via Background App Refresh).

At Locations

Podcast feeds can be refreshed automatically based on your location. When you leave or arrive at specified locations, Downcast will automatically refresh your podcast feeds and begin downloading episodes (or mark them for streaming as your settings dicate). These location based refreshes will occur if Downcast is running in the foreground, background or not running at all. If Downcast is not in the foreground, the refreshing and downloading of episodes can continue for up to 3 minutes, per the iOS background time limit.

You can add up to 10 locations to be monitored and you're offered convenient methods for adding your current location and locations of contacts.

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