Exporting Media Files (iOS)

Updated by George Cox

You can export downloaded episode media files by navigating to the episode's "details" view by tapping the info button on the right side of an episode row in any list. Then tap the first button in the bottom toolbar to export the episode's media file to other iOS apps or a computer.

Additionally, from a podcast's episode list, you can tap the "Edit" button, select episodes and then use the middle button in the bottom toolbar to share multiple media files with your computer.

If you use the "Share with Computer" option, the exported files will be available via iTunes File Sharing. After accessing the exported files from your computer, you should clear these shared files from Downcast by tapping the "More" tab (or the gear icon in the upper-right of the screen if running Downcast on an iPad), "Tools" and then "Clear Shared Files".

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