Frequent crashing?

Updated by George Cox

I try my best to fix any bugs that cause crashes, but some take longer than others to diagnose. Sometimes a crash can be caused by memory pressure, especially if you have gigantic podcast library. If you're experiencing seemingly random crashes that seem to occur after a semi-predictable amount of time, you're probably suffering from a memory pressure related issue causing iOS to terminate Downcast.

Memory related terminations are certainly a bug and I'm always trying to make Downcast as efficient as it can be. That said, there are certain things you can do to improve the situation by yourself. Some users have enormous libraries of podcasts that they maintain. By that, I mean hundreds of feeds and thousands of local episodes. There are even users with well over a thousand feeds and at least one that I'm aware of with over two thousand feeds! My goal is to not have any limits on anything, but there are reasonable limits for everything.

Tips for reducing memory usage:

  • If you don't need to keep a feed on your device, delete it.
  • If you have thousands of local episodes, consider reducing this to the episodes you actually need.
  • If you have any playlists that include non-local episodes, consider not having such playlist or, at least, limiting such playlists so they only include episodes from certain feeds.
  • Clean up your iCloud data by carefully following the Resetting iCloud Syncing instructions. 

Of course, if you continue to experience crashes, please contact contact support and I'll do my best to figure it out!

The next major version should do a much better job with using the least amount of memory as possible, reducing the need for such manual nonsense. 

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